Oct 21 - 23, 2018 | Renaissance Schaumburg | Chicago

Call for Speakers

 The 2018 Executive Steering Committee invites you to present at the 2018 Connect CFO Leadership Summit.

All sessions are 50-minute in length and will address a number of key subject areas selected by our Executive Steering Committee.

After submitting your interest in presenting at CONNECT, we will review the details of your application and contact you shortly after to arrange a time to discuss your topic.


Should you have any questions about participating, please contact Riley McLaughlin, Conference Content Manager for CONNECT, at (424) 334-5149.

Terms and Conditions

1) Engagement
Presenter shall attend CONNECT CFO Summit from April 15-17, 2018 and present the proposed session(s) at CONNECT to the best of her/his ability.
2) Term of Agreement
This Agreement shall continue in effect until:
a)  canceled by either party as set forth in this Agreement; or
b)  completion of the session presentation(s) by Presenter provided, however, that in the event of cancellation pursuant to this Agreement, or upon death, disability, or other incapacity resulting in the inability of Presenter to present the session(s) required (“Cancellation”), this Agreement may be terminated and all consideration due shall cease as of the date of cancellation.
3) Compensation
Quartz Events shall provide the Presenter:
) (One) Complimentary All-Access Pass to CONNECT CFO Summit 2018.
b) Overnight hotel accommodations for April 16-17, 2018
c) Full on-site catering of meals
d) Full cost of Domestic Airfare No other compensation shall be made to the Presenter including any reimbursement of any expenses.
4) Failure to Perform & Cancellation
a) In the event of failure or refusal of Presenter to perform Presenter’s obligations under this Agreement (other than failure to perform for reasons beyond Presenter’s control), Quartz Events shall have no obligations to Presenter for compensation or reimbursement.
b) Quartz Events reserves the right to cancel any session, change the length or size of any session, or change the place of any session at its discretion at any time. The performance of this Agreement by either party in whole or in part, is subject to acts of God, war, government regulation, disasters, hurricanes, interruptions in transportation or utilities. Fires, accidents, strikes or other actual or threatened labor action, acts or threats of terrorism or similar occurrences. In the event of cancellation, Quartz Events shall not be liable for any expenses, costs, or damages incurred by Presenter.
c) Presenter agrees to provide sixty (60) days written notice to Quartz Events of cancellation prior to his/ her first scheduled session and acknowledges that Quartz Events shall not be liable for any compensation, reimbursement, expenses, costs, or damages incurred by Presenter. Notice should take place on or before February 29, 2018. Presenter agrees to provide a suitable replacement upon cancellation.
5) License for Content
a)  Presenter acknowledges and agrees that QuartzEvents may post Presenter’s presentation information to be accessed by CONNECT attendees during and after the event, unless previously stated in writing by the presenter.
b)  Presenter affirms, represents, and warrants that Presenter owns or has the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to distribute/display the Program Materials. Presenter licenses to Quartz Events all trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights in and to such Program Materials and the Recorded Presentation for the use and purpose set forth in these Terms and Conditions. “Program Materials” includes all materials that Presenter provides to Quartz Events to be distributed or displayed to the attendees of Presenter’s program/presentation (e.g. presentation slides, technical white papers, etc.) and any video or audio recordings made of such presentations/programs.
c) Presenter authorizes Quartz Events to use the Presenter’s name, headshot, and bio, employer name and employer’s logo as part of the Program Materials.
d)  Presenter agrees to promote CONNECT and their content sessions on social media and in other marketing outlets to the best of their abilities.

Please contact rileymclaughlin@quartzevents.com with questions.

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